Wicked Cruel

The three stories in this book are sure to curl your hair and send shivers up your spine. Maybe Lorne did die as a result of bullies beating him up repeatedly, and maybe he is returning to even the score.  The evidence that Lorne has returned from the dead sure seems to be valid.  The wild horses of Brickyard Pond who died a cruel death do return and come to the aide of Danny and Claudine.  Other people have also seen and heard these dead horses – urban legend or truth?  In “Rites of Passage” Owen and Mason attend a dance at the Chase Tavern and Owen dances with Charity, a girl who died over a hundred years ago.  When Owen returns to the Chase Tavern with his friend Sophie, they see two ghosts and feel the cold breeze of a third.  Are the rumors of Chase Tavern being haunted true?

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD